dbt group skills training

This book helps in understanding the impact of competitive and cooperative learning environment on enhancing public speaking skills in students. The study was conducted in 3 phases- In the 1st phase,an Intelligence test- Raven's progressive matrices(1936)was administered to select the students who had average intelligence and also students who had average level in public speaking skills were considered for the study. In the 2nd phase students were randomly put into two experimental groups- Experimental group1- Competitive group, Experimental group2-Cooperative group and one control group. Public speakings skills training was administered to the two experimental groups in both the learning environments. In phase 3 public speaking skills were again assessed.The results of the study shows that training had a major impact on enhancing public speaking skills of the students.The scores obtained by the students in public speaking skills increased in both competitive and cooperative learning environment after the training. when comparing the two learning environments, the results shows that both the learning environments impacted to the similar level in enhancing public speaking skills.

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