hand in hand for education

Many countries are decentralizing responsibility for education provision and with some turning to private setups. Privatization has seen surge in some places for educational services, while some countries are turning to blends of public and private partnerships (PPPs). Indeed, around the world, one particular approach that is gaining ground is to allow private sector to partner with public authorities for good quality education. There are cases where schools are operated by private parties but funded by government and held accountable for government standards for better quality. These publicly regulated and privately operated or Public Private Arrangements have been in different forms in different places. Since, education has become too important for governments not to increase their involvement and oversight, the possibility of private market failure in education on one hand and concern about public sector inability in provision of equitable and quality education on the other hand has thus motivated considerable government intervention in the education sector and creation of PPPs. Afghanistan is also facing problems in its higher education, thus it is aimed to foster through PPPs.

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