irish moments a musical journey across the island

Содержание: 1. Irish Landscapes (Song "Scarborough Fair") 2. Celtic Symbols (Song "Come Back To Erin") 3. Castles (Song "The Rocks Of Bawm") 4. Irish Pub / Dance (Song "Riverdance") 5. Seagulls In The Harbour (Song "Come All Ye Young And Tender Maidens") 6. Lakes (Song "Skye Boat Song") 7. Irish Pubs (Song "Whiskey In The Jar") 8. Landscapes (Song "The Currah Of Kildare") 9. Irish Park (Song "The Sally Gardens") 10. Harbour At Night (Song "Roving Galway Boy") 11. At The Seaside (Song "The Foggy Dew") 12. Irish Pub (Song "Crooked Jack") 13. At The Harbour (Song "Molly Malone") 14. In The Mountains (Song "Misty Morning") 15. On The River (Song "The Wild Rover") 16. Irish Pub (Song "Mountain Dew") 17. Dreaming Of Ireland (Song "Londonderry Air (Danny Boy)") 18. Castles (Monochrome Version) (Song "The Rocks Of Bawm") (Bonus Track) 19. Irish Pub Dance (Nature Intro Version) (Bonus Track)

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