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Etienne Gerard is a hero of the French army, a veteran of the Napoleonic wars, and a vain and boastful teller of tales that star himself and his exploits. This collection of satiric short stories, originally published in The Strand magazine in the 1890s, includes: - "How the Brigadier came to the Castle of Gloom" - "How the Brigadier slew the brothers of Ajaccio" - "How the Brigadier held the King" - "How the King held the Brigadier" - "How the Brigadier took the field against the Marshal Millefleurs" - "How the Brigadier played for a kingdom" - "How the Brigadier won his Medal" - "How the Brigadier was tempted by the Devil" Hard to find in print, these lost comic classics from the creator of Sherlock Holmes will delight fans of pulp literature.

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