lawrence d the rainbow

The principal aim of this book is to throw light on the religion of D. H. Lawrence as expounded in his major novels. Unlike many of the previous works done on the author, it deals not with each individual novel separately, but provides detailed discussion on religion running through his major novels. Here The Rainbow and Women in Love have been considered as Lawrence’s major novels and the beliefs expressed in them as representative of his religious beliefs. This book attempts to discuss The Rainbow and Women in Love since they best demonstrate his religion, though it is far removed from the doctrines of Christianity or any other conventional religion. It undertakes the task of analyzing religion systematically in Lawrence’s major novels. This study also reveals that Lawrence has always been dissatisfied with conventional religion and morality and that his belief has never been constant. Exploring religion in the above-mentioned novels will show his fluctuating belief throughout. . This book ultimately demonstrates how Lawrence moved phase by phase, gradually pursuing his own non-Christian religious path which was hued with varying and changing sensibilities.

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