relationship of foreign direct investment and stock markets

Transport sector is considered as a spine of trade and economy. It not only facilitates trade by transfer of goods but ensures the goods gets timely delivered at desired point on time, thus bridging gap between the producer, supplier, trader and consumer.The relationship between the producer, transporter and trader is quite intrinsic. It’s not just an economic relationship, but also an emotional bonding which ensures timely transfer of goods across the length and breadth of country. In India, the transport sector comprises of large percentage of population who owns and operates transport business for their daily sustenance at very less operating profit. Indian markets are highly dependent on the services provided by the small and medium transporters. The services of small and medium transporters ensure supply of goods at local markets at reasonable price. Government of India, in its advocacy of foreign direct investment in retail sector, stressed that foreign investors will heavily invest in modernization of transport sector in order to facilitate trade. However the realities are strikingly different and if FDI in retail is permitted, it will lead to loss of livelihood of millions.

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