spirituality across cultures

The steady increase in economic, social, environmental and political hardships experienced by many around the globe has led, in recent years, to a corresponding growth in the importance ascribed to finding meaning in life, and to addressing the bigger questions. As deliverers of care and assistance to people across many different faiths and cultures whose lives are impacted directly by these hardships, current and future social workers must learn to apply concepts of spirituality in their own professional practice.In this unique and inspiring book, a diverse group of authors draws deeply on their own experiences of spirituality in practice, providing a fascinating and often moving exploration of how meaning is derived in a variety of different contexts. Topics discussed include:• Mindfulness, meditation and the practice of Falun Gong• The interaction between spirituality, social justice and professional practice• The role of spirituality in the provision of palliative care• Indigenous spiritualities, interconnectedness and human-animal bonds• The role of spirituality in providing hospitality and acceptance in practice.Enriched by a wealth of case studies and a strong focus on critical reflection throughout, Practising Spirituality is an important and thought-provoking read for students and practitioners across the full range of health and social care disciplines – from social work and counselling to nursing, youth work and beyond.

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