what you must know

The wilderness experience is a must for any person with a course to live for.All truth is parallel.This is what every achiever goes through.It is what shapes up destinies.Hard times is what determines growth and true success.God does not exempt his children from passing through had times for He knows that it is what determines heroes from villains,Success from failure.Every general has scars to show for the position they hold.God allows tough moments,hostile situations,rejection,mistreatment,times of loneliness so that you may use that to Discover yourself,your purpose in life.This is what this book tries to explain through the insight given to me by the Holy Spirit.I don't claim to have all the answers to your questions but i know that everything happens for a purpose and when you discover purpose you will always handle issues positively.Children of God are supposed to be hardened soldiers that's why Paul tells Timothy that you must therefore endure hardship as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.Your life is about war and violence and that's why you must be ready to confront issues.What you don't confront has a right to prevail.Prepare yourself for your next level.May God bless you.

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