youcat youth prayer book

Prayer is a dialogue between the person in need and God. In prayer the person expresses the needs to God, and waits for the answer from God who hears and answers. Prayer involves listening to the answers from God. The book is revealing the art of prayer, the need to pray and how to pray. The book guides very gently those who have never prayed, or don''t know how to proceed with prayer. Prayer is deeply rooted in the Bible, with several examples on the life of the most famous people who devoted their lives in prayer. In all the references Jesus'' life of prayer stands unique. Though aerial survey has been done through the Bible concerning prayer, the Gospel according to Luke serves as the principle source. Gradually the book brings encouragement to people who wants to express themselves to God in prayer, and also brings prayer those who don''t see the essence of prayer from one point, and also assists a person with adequate background in theology on the theological roots of prayer.Prayer is as important to a Christian as water is to fish. A human person grows stronger in faith with continuous dialogue with God. In prayer we communicate with God.

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